Running away from traffic cops?

Never worry about a single challan anymore. No need for a Driving license, PUC and Registration. It doesn’t even require a helmet, but it is for your own safety.


What’s that!

With our sleek single-seater Mantis, traffic will be a thing of the past for you. Have a daily commute of less than 30km? Mantis is perfect for you.

Ready for rain

Ever ready for a quick wash

Designed to sustain harsh Indian weather conditions. All components are weatherproof. Ride it in rain or give it a wash, fun guaranteed!

Easy to carry

Quick to charge

Removable Li-ion battery weighs just about 3 kg. Charging a battery is as convenient as charging a mobile phone. Requires standard 5A plug. Only takes 2.5 hours to juice it up!

No Pedals!

Why pedal when you have an accelerator.
Riding Mantis doesn’t improve your fitness, but it improves Earth’s fitness.

No Suspension!

We made sure to use only the parts that matter. At 25 kmph, the need for a shock absorber is redundant. By maintaining air pressure in tyres below 25 psi, we eliminated the requirement of shock absorbers.

Hill Climbs?

Climb overbridges, hills or underbridges with no stress. Mantis is made keeping government rules for gradeability in mind.


Replacement straight away! No questions asked!







2 Years


On-road price
₹37,999/- 34,999/-

How pre-booking works:

  • Reserve your Mantis at ₹999/- . (100% refundable against cancellation)
  • Take a test drive and confirm your Mantis.
  • Delivery via authorized dealers.
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