Freedom from fines

No need to run from cops as Mantis doesn’t require anything that attracts fines. Certified by ARAI in under 250 watt category electric motorcycle.  Exempted from Motor Vehicles Act. It doesn’t even require a helmet, but as God says “Wear a helmet at the back also”. It is for your own safety. 


What’s that!

With Mantis you can move around in traffic faster than anyone else. Feel the eyes of car and bike drivers on your back as you zip through a congested block. Perfect for those who have daily commute distance less than 30 km.  Enjoy being in the traffic and save time, money and Earth, even if you don’t care.

Ready for rains,

Ever ready for a quick wash

Designed to sustain harsh Indian weather conditions. All components are Automotive-grade and hence the issue of reliability is non-existent. Ride it in rain or give it a wash, fun guaranteed!

Easy to carry

Quick to charge

Removable Li-ion battery weighs just about 3 kg. Charging a battery is as convenient as charging a mobile phone. Requires standard 5A plug. Only takes 2.5 hours to juice it up!

No Pedals!

Why pedal when you have an accelerator! Mantis doesn’t improve your fitness but, knowing that it makes Earth a better, healthier place is definitely something that makes your heart sing.

No Suspension!

We made sure to use only the parts that matter. At 25 kmph the need of shock absorbers is redundant. By maintaining air pressure in tires below 25 psi we eliminated the requirement of shock absorbers.  

Hill Climbs?

Climbing bridges, hills or under bridges with no stress. Mantis is made keeping government rules for gradeability in mind.


Replacement straight away! No questions asked!







2 Years


Tech Specs

  • Battery 0.7 Kwh Li-ion NMC chemistry
  • Range Up to 50km*
  • Charging time 2.5 Hours
  • Torque 42 nm on the wheel
  • Payload capacity Up to 100 kg
  • Electricity consumption 0.7 units/charge
  • Brakes Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Top speed 25kmph as per government rule
  • Motor Proprietary <250 watt IPMSM
  • Controller Proprietary Field oriented vector control

Own your mantis. Be the part of Green Revolution.

On-road price

₹ 37,999   ₹ 34,999

EMI starting at ₹1696/month.

100% Refundable, No questions asked.

(Est. delivery time: 24th Nov- 29th December)