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Nucleus-The Family

We wish you could come to our Ahmedabad’s experience center and have the experience we built for you. But we understand you cannot. So, we are bringing the experience to you.

Exclusive test ride event schedule

Date City
10th November Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat
17th November Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur
24th November Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad
  • *Test ride event will be privately held at a prime location and by invitation only.

We are starting our pan-India operations and we wish to initiate our brand with limited numbers, who will be non-monetary stakeholders of the company. This core of our Green Army is called ‘NUCLEUS’. As part of the Nucleus, they will be like a family to us and will be treated the same way.

What are the perks of being in the nucleus family?

  Nucleus Family Standard Customers
Price ₹ 34,999 ₹ 37,999
Delivery date From 24th November From February
Delivery through From the founders itself From Dealers
  • Exclusive test ride event.
  • Hand delivered by core team personally.
  • Always connected with core team through personal contact.
  • Becoming a non-monetary or indirect stakeholder of the company.
  • Becoming the part of every future plans be it next product or the expansions.

Why are we taking 100% booking amount?

The experience of an event can be exhausting when one is part of the crowd. We don’t want that for you. We want to keep this an elite event for special customers where every customer can meet with the core team and experience Mantis personally and leave with a pleasurable experience.

The booking amount is 100% refundable. So worry not about whether this is a fast and rash decision because if anything in our experience displeases you, you can ask for you money back and we won’t ask you a single question!

Delivery schedule

Date City
24th Nov Ahmedabad
1st Dec Vadodara,surat
8th dec Delhi,Jaipur
15th dec Hyderabad
24th dec Mumbai,Pune
29th dec Bangalore,Chennai

A special private event will be held where we will hand over the Mantis to you, discuss its usage,maintenance and everything that matters. The celebratory event will also mark the day when you became not a user of an electric bike but an ambassador of change, an ambassador of Green Army.

Own your mantis. Be the part of Green Revolution.

On-road price

₹ 37,999   ₹ 34,999

EMI starting at ₹1696/month.

100% Refundable, No questions asked.

(Est. delivery time: 24th Nov- 29th December)