Is the Money 100% refundable?

Yes, It is refundable before delivery and we won’t ask a single question. Payment gateway charges will be deducted from the refund amount. Please read cancelation and refund policy.

Does it have pedals?

No. Where the regular cycles weigh below 20 kg and it is easy to pedal those, mantis weighs 45 kg and it is designed as bike not cycle.

Can you ride it with a pillion?

You can ride it with 50 pillions if you can fit. But the vehicle is designed as a single seater only and all the components are made keeping that in mind. 

What is the top speed? Isn’t it low?

‘Mantis’ has top speed of 25kmph. As per Motor vehicles act e-vehicle with power < 250W, maximum allowed speed is 25kmph. Because of this,there is no need of Registration or driving license for ‘Mantis’.
It is low if you use it as a primary mode of commute. In traffic or going in a radius of 10-15 km, you won’t feel a difference. Generally average speed of any vehicle in traffic is <25kmph.

Does it have suspension?

No it doesn’t. In accordance to design and intended use of ‘Mantis’, there is no need for suspension. Suspension duties are being performed by tyres as we maintain air pressure of <25 psi.

Is it 100% weatherproof?

Yes, ‘Mantis’ can be used in any weather conditions and you may wash it directly. We advise to take caution while driving around knee deep water clogged areas as water pressure may lead to exposure. 
Proper usage will be instructed at the time of test rides and delivery.

What is lifetime warranty?

Estimated lifespan of ‘Mantis’ is 5years. Components with lifetime warranty are covered for this duration only.

I am not from the city you have listed still I want to purchase it, how can I?

We are working tirelessly to expand to other cities. Please wait till Jan 2020, we will announce regarding it as soon as possible.

Can I buy this in listed city and take it to my city?

We don’t advise you to do so, as we won’t be able to provide any service support.

What is the delivery time?

We will start delivering ‘Mantis’ from 24th November 2019.

What is the actual range?

You can drive up to 50km in single charge. 
Range may vary depending on the usage.

What is battery life?

Battery life is 3years.

Do you sell separate batteries?

We don’t sell batteries separately.

If my commute distance is more than 30 km in a day, should I buy this bike?

We don’t advise you to buy ‘Mantis’ in this scenario. Because ‘Mantis’ is intended for daily commuters with travel radius of 10-15km. 

Any accessories available?

Yes, add-on accessories will be available very soon.

How to become a dealer?

Kindly leave us mail on info@greenvoltmobility.com and we will revert you very soon.

Is carrier available?

‘Mantis’ does not have a carrier.

what is the weight?

Total weight of ‘Mantis’ is 45kg.

What is the service cost?

For the 1st year periodic maintenance labour is on us. Actual spare parts and service cost will be available at the time of delivery.

Is nameplate customisable?

Yes, we will deliver customised nameplates. Details for these will be taken on test-ride days.