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The most premium experience center you will ever see.

Our experience center is in Ahmedabad, one of the largest users of two wheeler(and because it is our home). Here you can come and have a premium experience that breaks the norms of any electric vehicle you have ever seen before.

We have specially created this experience center to give you, as a consumer who cares about what he does and drives, making it the most unique two wheeler experience center ever. There has been a lot of buzz since we opened our showroom a few months ago and we have already received over 100 bookings in that time.

For Diwali this year, we have come up with an exclusive limited stock of Mantis for our customers. We would love to have you with us and you can enjoy our hospitality as we take you with us on our journey at our premium experience center. We wish you could come to our home and have the experience we built for you. But if you can’t, we understand. And, we are bringing the experience to you. Yes, Mantis is going to be available in your city.

Own your mantis. Be the part of Green Revolution.

On-road price

₹ 37,999   ₹ 34,999

EMI starting at ₹1696/month.

100% Refundable, No questions asked.

(Est. delivery time: 24th Nov- 29th December)