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It all started with why?

Out of 30 most polluted cities in the world, 22 are from India*.
The situation is worsening and the need of the hour to adopt change if we want to live a healthy life in any urban Indian city. And conventional automobiles are the largest contributor to pollution with high quantity CO2 emissions.
Price hikes in crude oil have been headlines for over a decade now and we know,the supply is limited. The ramifications of depleting oil levels will be massive and the impact on all industries, especially transportation will be huge.
The public perception of electric vehicles in India was not encouraging. Imported products from neighbouring countries had affected peoples’ minds and we needed to change that. 
We wanted to make something we could call entirely our own. Design something that every Indian would love to own and proudly say that it is made in India.
Something that would benefit the environment, the user and the country. 
We started Greenvolt to create an alternative to traditional automobiles and by doing so, bring the change and do our share in helping Earth breathe.
*According to Greenpeace and AirVisual analysis of 2018 on air pollution.

How are we going to change this?

The current scenario does not allow a direct competition of electric and conventional fuel vehicles as they offer convenience and reliability with their established infrastructure. Every journey begins with the first step. Mantis, is our offering as the first step towards the future that humanity is working towards. And consistency is the key. We are committed to provide an electric vehicle that caters to every need of an Indian, and which is better than all major conventional vehicles as a mode of transportation. We are moving forward gradually and steadily.

Yes, we know that electricity generation in India is largely based on thermal and coal power plants but, we aspire to develop a transportation Eco-system that is pollution-free and is run 100% by renewable energy.

Whatare we doing now?

Our belief in making the world a better place starts with working towards providing a pleasurable driving experience for every Indian. We design and make vehicles that look a class apart from conventional. As we take small steps forward everyday towards a healthier and sustainable future, our design team aims to provide a joyful and carefree ride every time you go out and attract the attention of all those conventionals. Our research team is working constantly to make a transportation ecosystem that contributes towards a safer and healthier environment. 
We aim to create an army of people who can work with us in achieving our vision. Our customers will be ambassadors of environment and we will work together to make earth livable again.

Own your mantis. Be the part of Green Revolution.

On-road price

₹ 37,999   ₹ 34,999

EMI starting at ₹1696/month.

100% Refundable, No questions asked.

(Est. delivery time: 24th Nov- 29th December)